Invited Prof. Dr. Sencer Sarı
Tblisi State Academy of Arts
Faculty of Design
Department of Artistic Ceramic

UNESCO AIAP International Association of Art
Turkish Committee Member

Place of Birth: Istanbul / Turkey
Date of Birth : 15/02/1982

– 2011 – 2013 P.h.D. Degree
The National Academy of Arts Sofia Bulgaria
Faculty of Applied Arts
Ceramic & Glass Department

– 2007 – 2010 Master of Fine Arts
Çanakkale On Sekiz Mart  University
Faculty of Fine Arts
Ceramic Department

– 2002 – 2006 Bachelor of Fine Arts
Çanakkale On Sekiz Mart University
Faculty of Fine Arts
Department of Ceramic Design

– 2001 – 2002 Visual Arts
Yeditepe University
Department of Visual Communication and Design

Seminars & Workshops
– 16 June 2006
Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts – 5. Smoke Firing Ceramic Workshop
Status: Participant

– 10 October 2007
Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University
I. International Alternative Firing Techniques Ceramic Workshop
Status: Participant

– 8 May 2008
Sofia National Academy of Arts
Process and Material Ceramic Workshop
Status: International Participant

– 15 May 2011
Sofia National Academy of Arts
Status: Lecturer and workshop about Turkish Blue Glazes

– 10 – 23 September 2012
6th International Eskisehir Terra Cotta Symposium
Status: Participant & Academic Paper Publisher

– 27 June 2012
University of Applied Arts Vienna
Uses of the rare elements into ceramic glazes
Status: International Ph.D Participant & Guest Lecturer

– 30 November 2012
Bulgaria Vuzf  University
Seminar – Uranium in Ceramic Art
Status: International Participant

– 7 Mach 2013
Institute for Balkan Studies & Center of Thracology
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Science, Culture and Art in Ottoman Empire After The Istanbul Conquest
(İstanbul’un Fethinden Sonra Osmanlıda Bilim Kültür ve Sanat)
Status: International Participant & Paper Publisher

– 29 November 2016
Vilnius Academy of Arts / Lithuania, Vilnius
Department of Ceramics Design
Seminar: U/V Glow Ceramic Glazes & Uranium
Status: International Participant

– 22 December 2016
Tbilisi State Academy of Arts
Department of Ceramics Design
Georgia Tibilisi
Seminar: Fluorescent Glazes & Uran Glasses
Produced with The Soviet Nuclear Raw Materials
Status: International Participant

– 8 Febuary 2017
Institute of Chemical Technology
Czech Republic, Prague
Department of Glass and Ceramics
Seminar: Uranium & Gallium Compounds in Art
StatusInternational Participant & Paper Publisher

– 16 August 2017
5th Internatıonal Ceramıc Art Symposıum Ceramıc Laboratory
Daugavpıls, Latvia
StatusInternational Participant & Paper Publisher

– 15 September 2018
I. International Festival of Crafts Workshops
Georgia, Akhaltsikhe
Seminar: Rare Alkali Elements in Ceramic Glazes
StatusInternational Participant

Patented Researches
02 February 2016 /Application Number: TUR 2016/01448
Portable Melting Kiln

30 July  2015 Patent/Application Number: TUR 2015/09482
Reduction Agents in Reduction Firing with Electical Kiln and Firing Methodology for Reduction Agents

2 May 2006  9th Rotary International Golden Jug Ceramic Contest
Şima Art Special Award

Solo Exhibitions
– 12 September 2007
UNESCO – AIAP International Plastic Arts Association Gallery
Masks & Sensations” (Ceramic Exhibition)
Istanbul – Turkey 

– 30 November 2012
Vuzf University Exhibition Hall “Anemones in Red
(Ceramic Exhibition)
Sofia – Bulgaria 

– 20 October 2014
Ziraat Bank Tunel Art Gallery “From The Sea
(Porcelain Sculpture Exhibition)
Istanbul – Turkey 

– 14 August 2017
Vilnius Academy of Arts “Luminescent Fairies” (Porcelain Exhibition)
Vilnius – Lithuania 

– 14 September 2018
Rabati Castle – “Decadence Now” (Porcelain Exhibition)
Akhaltsikhe – Georgia 

Group Exhibitions
2006 National Painting and Sculpture Museum – Izmir
2006 Adnan Franko Art Gallery – Izmir
2007 Tüyap Artist Art Fair – UNESCO A.I.A.P. -Istanbul
2007 Tüyap Artist Art Fair – Collective Artists’ Union – Istanbul
2008 National Academy of Arts Exchange Students Exhibition – Sofia Bulgaria
2008 Canakkale Culture House – Postgraduate Students’ Exhibition – Canakkale
2008 Tüyap Artist Art Fair – Canakkale 18 Mart University – Istanbul
2009 October/ October Gate Exhibition – Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall – Istanbul
2010 October/ October Gate Exhibition – Harbiye Military Museum – Istanbul
2014 November/ 24th International Istanbul Art Fair – Collective Artists’ Union – Istanbul
2014 October/ Winsor&Newton – Colorbox Exhibition – Istanbul
2015 May/ Track and Memories – Moda Sea Club – Istanbul
2015 October / Winsor&Newton – Colorbox Exhibition – Istanbul
2016 October / Winsor&Newton – Colorbox Exhibition – Istanbul
18 August 2017 1st Latvia International Contemporary Ceramic Festival Daugavpils – Latvia

2019 ACADEMIA 7 Research Bulletin ISSN 1512-0899
Protection of Glaze Core Stability in Macro Crystalline Glazes.
2015 Low temperature copper red glazes
produced through reduction in oxygen atmosphere – ISBN: 978-605-65317-3-6
2014 Dictionary of Glass – ISBN: 978-605-65317-2-9
2014 Denizden Gelenler Exhibition Catalogue
2014 Fokus Magazine No:43 Interview about Sencer Sarı ISSN: 13074849
2012 Anemons in Red – ISBN: 978-605-65317-1-2
2007 Mask & Sensations – ISBN: 978-605-65317-0-5

Teaching Class
2014 – 2015  Marmara University  Faculty of Fine Arts Ceramic & Glass Department
Ceramic Technology and Researches I
Ceramic Technology and Researches II
Glass Technology and Researches II
Glass Technology and Researches IV
Natural and Modern Ceramic Firing Techniques II

Low Temperature Chromate Glazes
Nano technologie Ceramic Glazes
Uranium Compounds in Glass & Glazes
Thorium & Francium Fluorescent Yellow Glazes
Ballistic Ceramic Plates

Warm Glass Techniques
Advanced Glassworking Techniques
Lampworking Glass
Advanced Glass Blowing
Sculpting with Natural Materials and Multimedia
Printing Techniques on Ceramics/Glass
Ceramic Pottery Discipline
Artistic Glass Production and Modelling
Artistic Ceramic Design
Installation Shortcuts with Ceramic/Porcelain and Glass Materials
Experimental Glass Art and Technologies
Porcelain Design / Technologies
2d Design in Ceramic, Porcelain, Metal, Wood Carving and Plaster
Modulation Sculptures
Metal Sculptures
Polyurethane Sculptures
Plaster Sculpting
Polymer Concrete Sculpture/Modeling

Societies and Associations
UNESCO International Association Of Art Turkish National Committee
Bulgarian Collective Artist’s Union
TRAC Wireless and Radio Amateurs Community
American Red Cross
EDAK Underwater Search and Rescue  Association