Decadence Now (Akhaltsikhe / Georgia) 2018

Porcelain Exhibion by Sencer Sarı

We live in visual and mass-consumption oriented, media-saturated times. Every day we are overloaded with shapes, colours, neon and assymetry. It seems – the louder, the more excessive and extravagant, the more chaotic – the better.

As an artist and humanbeing, I ask these questions – when will it be enough, when will it end – and where is the balance?

Exhibition title ‘Decadence Now’ is pompous itself, but it is a call for hope.

Idea behind my exhibition is feeling and moment before the change. There is a light, graciousness and excess – but there is also a feeling of something heavy, almost apocalyptic in the air. And that is the moment just before the old structure gets another form, when old shapes and colours melt away and get deconstructed – making the way for something new to come.

In other words, decadence is the last step we take just before entering renaissance. That’s why I say – decadence, now!

Thanks for the name mother of this exhibition: Zuvite & Great words for Harry.